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Raw meal plan for healthy dog prepared according to dog individual needs based on his or her breed, size, weight, body condition score and activity level.


This service is free of charge and includes:

  • general guidance for preparing DIY balanced raw meals 
  • the total amount of food and the daily calories which your dog should consume
  • the feeding method
  • how many meals your dog should consume per day
  • treat and snack suggestion
  • detailed instructions how to introduce the new food to your dog
  • detailed instructions how to prepare, store, serve and handle the food for your dog

This meal plan is suitable healthy dogs with ideal body weight and body condition score 4/9 to 6/9.

The raw meal plan can be prepared following BARF or PRAY model. Please get in touch to specify your preference.

You can determine the body condition score of your dog using our online tool.

In general, this meal plan should be completed within 5 working days. 


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