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Advantages of commercial prepared diets·        

  • Easy to feed       

  • Require little or no preparation       

  • Complete and balanced, providing all necessary ingredients  

  • Convenient packages and easy storing 

Advantages of homemade prepared diets        

  • Custom made and fulfilling the dog’s nutritional requirements        

  • All ingredients are known and fresh       

  • No additives and contaminants

  • No by-products

  • Possibility to use ingredients not found in commercial foods

  • Possibility to fulfil nutritional requirements of dog with clinical condition or with more than one clinical conditions for which there is no commercial food diet

  • Possibility to avoid some adverse reactions of food in some dogs

  • Bonding owners with their dogs as they prepare their food personally

  • Could be Vegetarian, Vegan, Grain free

  • Better tailored to the dog's specific needs

  • Could follow owner’s social beliefs and religion traditions

  • Highly palatable and suitable for finicky pets 

Disadvantages of commercially produced pet foods        

  • Sometimes contain unknown ingredients (variable formulas)

  • Sometimes contain by-product

  • Sometimes contain colourants, preservatives which may cause adverse food reactions (allergy)

  • Could be not palatable and animals to refuse them

  • Could be highly palatable and to lead to overeating

  • Could have high caloric density and to lead to obesity

  • Very expensive (semi-moist foods)

  • Could lose the original taste quality after long prolong storing (dry foods)

  • If not consumed immediately require fridge temperature for storing (wet foods) 

Disadvantages of homemade diets

  • Require serving preparation (warming till room temperature and mixing as ingredients may layering)

  • Require time for preparing and cooking

  • If not consumed immediately require fridge/freezer temperature storage 

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