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Commercial pet foods could be classified into dry, moist/wet, semi moist varieties, frozen, freeze-dried.

Dry foods have low moisture content (between 6 - 12%). They include extruded foods (shaped pellets or kibbles), flake foods (flaked cereals) and biscuits/mixers. These are usually packed in bags. Dry foods could contain fresh or dry ingredients. Dry foods may be offered dry or water to be added according manufacturer’s instructions.



Wet foods have high moisture content (between 70 – 80%). They are usually cooked at high temperatures to sterilize them and are then sealed under pressure (although not always). These could be packed in cans, foil trays and pouches and the content include chunks in gravy, chunks in jelly and meatloaf formats.

Semi-moist foods have moisture content between 15 – 30%. They are soft pellets with a chewy texture and generally packed in sachets. Many treats are made in semi-moisture format.


Frozen and freeze – dried foods are commercially produced raw foods. They could be complete or complimentary.


Alternative to commercial produced pet foods are home-made diets. Request custom formulated, balanced and compete recipe for home-prepared food for your dog, because he or she is unique.

All formulations are based on the breed of your dog, his/her size, weight, body condition score and activity level. You select the ingredients your dog prefers, we create a healthy recipe for homemade food.

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